Not All MLPs Are Created Equal: Introducing an Interactive Energy Value Chain

06/10/15 | Karyl Patredis


Being from East Texas, I grew up with oil derricks in my backyard. With my level of exposure, you’d think I’d know all there is to know about the oil and gas business. However, there is a lot to take in, and digesting the different components of the business can be quite cumbersome. Our research and data teams paired up to create an interactive road map–or Energy Value Chain—for those of us who occasionally find ourselves a little lost in the upstream, midstream, and downstream maze of oil and gas.

For the MLP and energy infrastructure investor, understanding the different components of the energy value chain is an essential part of the research process. Not all MLPs are considered midstream. Not all midstream MLPs operate pipelines. Not all pipelines carry the same product. Each segment in the energy value chain carries its own set of business fundamentals and risks. Know what you own.

The Energy Value Chain allows users to begin with the hydrocarbons in the ground and trace their journey all the way to the gas station, tire factory, or gas below the pot warming Grandma’s famous taco soup. By hovering over the words upstream, midstream, and downstream, readers are given a clear view of which activities fall into each category. Clicking the icons opens boxes containing Alerian’s explanation of each step of the energy value chain.

Begin your exploration of the Energy Value Chain.